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Simple Storyboard Production Technique

This is a simple technique for transforming a set of images into a sequenced multi-page PDF storyboard.

Limitation is that it is Mac-only because it relies on Preview, the can opener utility that ships with the Mac OS.

  1. Create your storyboard images; you are on your own here
  2. Open 1 of the images with Preview, it doesn’t matter which one
  3. Open the ‘sidebar’ in Preview that let’s you visualize thumbnails of the ‘pages’ in the document; you’ll see a representation of your image there
  4. In the Finder, select ALL the rest of your storyboard images
  5. Drag them into the Preview sidebar
  6. If necessary, drag the images into the correct sequence
  7. Select ALL the images in the sidebar (tip: select the first, scroll to bottom, shift-click last)
  8. File > Print Selected Images…
    1. this option is usually ‘Print…’
    2. the fact that it changes when Preview is displaying, and you select, multiple images is part of the secret sauce
  9. In the resulting Print dialog, make whatever formatting changes you need (i.e. ‘orientation’)
  10. Instead of pressing Print button, use menu in lower left to ‘Save as PDF…’
  11. You are done; you now have a multi-page PDF of your images.

The added bonus is that not only can you share this file like any PDF, you can also easily present it using the ‘slideshow’ feature of Preview.