Hi. I'm Tim Sheiner. This is about me.

I live with my wife and children in San Francisco's Bernal Heights neighborhood. I grew up across the Golden Gate Bridge in Mill Valley where I graduated from Tamalpais High School. I spent spent four years in Cambridge, Massachusetts at Harvard then returned to California for a Masters at Stanford.

My favorite things are family, community, being outside and building stuff. I’m one of the owners of Big Bend Lodge, a magical place in Mendocino county where all of my favorite things come together.

On the town with Kelly

Jacob, Max, Ben and me on Bernal Hill

The family at Machu Picchu

Building the school float for Carnaval

Camping in Yosemite

Building picnic tables at Big Bend with Tom

Professional Background

My design career began with a Masters Degree from Stanford's Product Design Program

Newer marketing materials but same philosophy as when I was there

Trying to combine practical and whimsical with bowls for jello

In complete seriousness: a braking system for wheelchairs

My first real design job was with a medical device company.

Old skool: marker rendering on a blueprint

Assembly robot: my first software interface

A complex system

I migrated from the design of physical goods to software in 1995 when my first glimpse of the Web through the Mosaic browser thrilled me with the possibilities of this new communication medium and at the same time horrified me with the abysmal quality of its product design.

Lest anyone forget: high web style c.1995 (not my work, included here for context!)

Doing my best to add some beauty to the early web

After a few years running my own small shop, I did my music start up turn and then tried corporate.

A music player that didn't look like a car radio was revolutionary

Pre-iTunes, we wanted to be iTunes

Here I learned to think about risk

Next was several years immersed in drug development, statistics, modeling, simulation, the management of complexity and a lot more about risk.

I was designer of everything here, including marketing presentations

I introduced image and narrative as tools to communicate our offering

Technical illustrations helped product strategy discussions

An interface that tried to visualize scenario risk

An interface for managing a system of related models

An interface for building models

Recently, I've worked in both the consumer and open-source enterprise software design space.

I worked at the Apple Online Store

Jaspersoft makes open source data reporting software

See more examples of my work or read my blog.