Tim Sheiner

I'm a veteran user experience designer with a background in physical product design and mechanical engineering.

My passion is creating interfaces that help people manage complex systems. I’ve designed for users of varying technical levels in many different domains. I excel at this work by meeting users where they are.

"Tim has a special skill for taking apart a complex problem and putting it back together better than anyone I have known. When they are reassembled, even the most complex ideas will flow with new, compelling logic and clarity."

Mark Hovde, (Retired) SVP Strategy and Corporate Development at Certara


I'm looking for a fulltime leadership position with an experienced team working to operationalize a complex system management problem in the area of logistics, manufacturing, alternative energy, or ecological health.

I will bring design craft to your organization and hit the ground running to build a team and develop a user experience strategy. In addition to product design skills, I have expert-level understanding of system thinking, machine learning, networks, high scale compute, and biological systems.


My professional work experience is broad. I've worked on B2B, B2C, and B2B2C products in every sort of commercial design context from consultancies to startups to publicly traded companies. Below are highlights from the last fifteen years of my career.

Customer Relationship Management Platform

My recent work at Salesforce has been focused on developer experience (DX). I've designed a a project-based, VCS-backed change and release management experience that enables low and pro code developers to collaborate. Previously I worked on our IoT product and managed our design system team for a time.

At Salesforce I have worked on several aspects of our Platform offering. Here are two case studies.

Developer Experience

My focus has been on enabling low code and pro code developers to collaborate.

I played a central role in formalizing "projects" as the organizing principle for all development work.

I told stories that connected with stakeholders.

I facilitated, through research and presentation, my team's understanding of our customers.

Everyone on the team tells stories about personas.

I visualized the handoffs between DeeDee's GUI and the version control system as a user journey.

Handoffs connect layers of experience.

I created happy path and error models for each workflow.

Workflows are short, repeating stories with constrained branch points.

Using the Salesforce Lightning Design System I then designed a custom app with 3 primary workflows.

Change Management
moving changes from a development environment to source control

Forms on Git

a form for submitting changed metatdata
Release Management
deploying changes from version control through a QA pipeline to production

Every persona appreciates a visual view of the release pipeline!

a kanban arrangement of release stages and work items
reviewing a searchable timeline of all activity history

Everyone can see what happened.

Events, Monitoring & the Internet of Things

To harmonize the work of several platfrom teams I developed a standard UX model for monitoring.

A blueprint for receiving, interpreting and responding to events of any sort.

I championed the simple but powerful idea of listing for a developer the events available directly in the UI without having to consult documentation.

People can't understand what they can't see.

I designed dashboards for security and operations management.

Security Dashboard

Operations Dashboard

I championed a simple model showing how our IoT service could enable external events to trigger platform automation.

Event based connections between systems is the future.

For our IoT offering I focused removing friction in from our onboarding experience.

Onboarding best practice is to tell an engaging story about realizing value.

Make IoT set up feel a little bit like playing with Legos.

I developed a strategy for making it easier to debug IoT logic that included displaying, in real time, events being received and processed.

The IoT Debugger

I worked with a team to bring IoT monitoring to call center case management.

Timeseries gives the case agent a view into device behavior.

Streaming Analytics Platform

At this streaming data analytics start up I built a design studio of 5 that executed all design work for product and marketing.

I acted as player/coach managing and growing my team, directing the overall creative output of my studio, leading detailed design projects and providing the executive team with UX strategy.

"Tim is a great designer and brings a broad set of skills to the product development process. At Jut, he built and effectively led a talented team of designers. He can institute rigorous process when it matters and do more free form work when needed. Tim is fun to work with, and most important, he is a high-quality human being. I'd love to work with him again."

Steve McCanne, Coding CEO at Brim

At Jut I focused on building an efficient design organization that produced tightly integrated experiences for product and marketing.

Website for Product Led Growth

Data Integration GUI

Analytic Notebook

Data Explorer

Declarative Charting Syntax

Business Intelligence Platform

I improved the user experience at this BI start up by introducing a faceted search functionality and a modern look and feel. The new UI framework I designed and coded was standards-compliant and easily-themed to support our white label business model.

"Tim transformed Jaspersoft. He took a product weakness and turned it into a competitive advantage."

Mary M. Flynn, Senior Director Product Marketing at Okera

At Jaspersoft I was simultaneously lead designer, product manager and front end dev. I led projects that improved the product UX, visual design and technical architecture.

I modernized the interface look and feel.

I introduced a faceted search experience.

The themeable front end framework I built supported our white label business model.

Content Delivery Network Self Service Application

I collaborated with a great team at Hot Studio to work on the redesign of Akamai's self-service portal. I contributed to the user research, UX strategy and design that led to a much easier to understand navigational model for the experience.

"I hired Tim to help us with a project to redesign a complex enterprise web application. He connected immediately with our internal team and also developed a strong positive rapport with our client."

Danielle Malik, Head of UX at Futuredraft

Our work for Akamai focused on improving the visual design and navigation for their management console.

CDN Monitoring and Configuration.

IoT Platform

I contracted with GE during the development of their Predix IoT platform to bring structured, repeatable user-centered methods into all stages of their Agile cycle. I piloted the process successfully, consolidated the win by mentoring a young designer succeed me and was gratified to see other scrum teams begin requesting dedicated UX support.

"Tim is an excellent designer, strategist, communicator and change agent. He consistently suggested ideas to me a month or more before I began to hear those same things from other people."

Dan Harrelson, VP, design leader, and advisory board member

e-commerce platfrom

At Apple I worked on search and community features for our online store.

Working on the Apple online store, I gained e-commerce and search engine optimization experience.

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