Hi! I'm Tim Sheiner.

These are the values I bring to work.


Trust is the most important part of any project. As a result, I prioritize partnering with my work colleagues above all else. I believe in the triad model for product development where business, design and engineering set strategy together and have fun while doing it.

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The best way to deliver great results is to focus upfront on getting everyone working on the project to think about the problem we are solving in the same way.

Read my post Co-Designing the Digital Machine to learn the framework I use to get project stakeholders on the same page.


I think about HOW we are working as much as WHAT we are building. From my mechanical engineering background, I bring a sharp focus on operations, design for manufacturability and accountability to my teams.

Read my post on The High Throughput Design Studio for more details about my operational approach.


For me, details are not details. I consider beauty, aesthetics and elegance to be as important to product quality as any other feature and equally relevant evaluation criteria for the parts users see as well as the ones they don't. #alwaysbeknolling

Giving Back

I got lots of help getting to where I am. I express my gratitude through my time teaching, mentoring, swinging a hammer with Habitat for Humanity or doing deliveries for PAWS.


People use the things I design. With that comes a responsibility to honor and value their welfare in the framework I use to set expectations, make decisions and manage risk.

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